Lending Library

The Board of BCGEHR voted to establish a Music Lending Library on March 25, 2006. Borrowers and lenders should note that the Lending Library is neither intended nor expected to be a substitute for the purchase of music by any music director or choir.

The purpose of the Library is

  • To serve our members by making available a greater variety of repertoire to prepare and perform than they could otherwise afford.
  • To provide a strong incentive for bell choirs who are currently not members of the Guild to join.
  • To discourage the photocopying of music.
  • To facilitate the greater use of music that may have fallen into disuse because of changing circumstances within choirs.
  • To encourage, rather than discourage, the purchase of music and the support of composers and arrangers and our traditional music suppliers. This is achieved by:
  • Encouraging fledgling or semi-active groups to become active and thereby purchase other music.
  • Introducing works that choirs will later wish to purchase so that they become part of their permanent library.

Protocols for use of the BCGEHR Lending Library

  • Use of the Library shall be limited to choir directors who are members in good standing of the Guild, or directors of choirs that are member choirs in good standing of the Guild.
  • Only original copies of music are to be included in the Library, and music on loan is NOT TO BE PHOTOCOPIED.
  • Titles that carry a Publishers prohibition are not eligible for inclusion in the library.
  • Choirs may borrow only one piece of music at a time.
  • All copies must be stamped or otherwise identified with the name of the lending choir.
  • Borrowed music must be treated carefully and with respect, and must be returned in the condition it was received. (Lost, destroyed or stolen music will be replaced by the borrowing choir at its expense.)
  • Markings added to the music are to be in pencil only and are to be erased prior to return.
  • Borrowed music must not be loaned to anyone else or any other group.
  • Borrowed music will be returned within the timeframe specified.
  • Performance fees, if applicable, are payable by the borrowing choir.
For a copy of the complete policy on the Lending Library, contact your area representative.

Instructions for Borrowers

  • Download the library catalogue here:
  • If you use MS Excel and can open the Excel version, you will be able to sort the list by any of the fields (title, season, level, etc.). If you do not use Excel, download the PDF version. It is sorted by title.
  • When you wish to borrow a title, return to the librarian [email protected] She will relay your request to the director who owns that title.
  • That director will send you the music by Xpresspost or other courier. At the end of the loan period, return the music to its owner by courier, insured for its replacement value. When you return the music, you must also reimburse the original choir for the cost of shipping it to you.
  • You must abide by the protocols of the Lending Library (above)

Instructions for Lenders

  • To add titles to the Library, use this Catalogue form:
  • When the Librarian receives a request for one of your titles, she will forward the pertinent information to you, along with a lending form.
  • Ensure that each copy of the title is stamped or otherwise identified with the name of its owner.
  • Complete the appropriate information on the lending form, and send the music to the borrowing choir, by Xpresspost or other courier, and insured for its replacement value.
  • At the end of the loan period, when the music is returned to you, please inform the librarian of its safe and complete return. The borrowing choir will reimburse you for your courier cost.