Endowment Fund

BCGEHR Endowment Fund

BCGEHR has established an Endowment Fund, held with the Central Okanagan Foundation. BCGEHR will provide grants from the interest generated by this fund. The BCGEHR Endowment Fund will be professionally managed and administered by the COF, but the Guild retains complete control of the grant application and decision-making process.


The granting cycle begins each fall. Deadline for receipt of applications is October 1. Grant recipients will be notified by December 1, and grant money will be awarded by December 31.


Applicants for grants must be an individual member or a member or director of a choir in good standing with BCGEHR. The following criteria will be used by the BCGEHR board in reviewing the requests for grants: (The examples given under each category are not all inclusive; other purposes in keeping with the intent of the criteria will be considered.)
  • Travel
    • A member’s or choir’s attendance at a provincial, national or international handbell event.
    • Travel expenses for a director to attend a training camp or event such as the International Music Camp.
  • Capital or Intellectual Property purchases
    • Purchase of handbells or chimes for a new choir or expansion for an existing choir – preference would be given to purchases for a new choir.
    • Commissioning of a new original piece of music or an arrangement.
    • Funding for a clinician to work with a choir or choirs in an area – preference would be given to funding a clinician to work with more than one choir.
  • Outreach/Development
    • Initiate a summer or extra-curricular handbell program in a church or school.
    • Production of a CD.
    • Funding for a clinician to facilitate the development of a new bell program.
  • Other
    • Funding a clinician/Director for BC chosen for Ringing Link or an International Handbell symposium.
    • Other projects that do not fit under any previous categories.
Applicants for Grants from the Endowment Fund must be an individual member or a member or Director of a choir in good standing with BCGEHR. Applicants may receive only one grant per year. The Board reserves the right to decline naming a grant recipient if it decides that there are no suitable applications in any given year.


Donations to the Endowment Fund are welcome and will be fully receipted for tax purposes. If you are looking for a way to honour a long-time member of your choir, a supporter, a retiring director, a church or choir anniversary, or any other person or occasion, consider making a donation to the Fund. Your generosity will become part of a legacy of help and support for other ringers across BC.